Symphonic Dance No. 5, “New Generation,” is one of a group of five originally commissioned by the Minnie Stevens Piper Foundation commemorating the twenty-fifth anniversary of the San Antonio Symphony Orchestra, which first performed the entire set of dances on January 30, 1965 under that baton of the composer.  Williams transcribed Dances 2 “The Maskers,” 3 “Fiesta,” and 5 for symphonic band, although only 2 and 3 were published initially.  The composer quipped that “'New Generation' is the first piece of mine to be rejected by a publisher in more than fifteen years.“  He added that Symphonic Dance No. 5 "is a wedding of symphonic music and old time big band jazz into one style.  Part of it is supposed to be humorous; a facetious take-off on the big band style of the 1940s, and then it has my usual big wind-up."  Owing to its level of difficulty, Symphonic Dance No. 5, “New Generation” is only now being offered for the first time in the current edition by Maestro & Fox Music.