Jean Sibelius:  Preludio

Preludio was composed in 1899 for symphonic wind ensemble and percussion.  This new edition, prepared by Eugene Migliaro Corporon, is believed to be the only extant publication and was engraved from the autograph score of Sibelius.  “Preludio” was composed as part of a larger work called Press Celebration’s Music, Op 25.  Composed as tableau music for events honoring the Finnish Press, the piece was comprised originally of a prelude and six tableaux, first performed by the Orchestra of the Helsinki Philharmonic Society under Jean Sibelius at the Swedish Theatre in Helsinki in November of 1899.  The final movement, "Finlandia Awakes," revised in 1900,  was developed into a separate work, the well-known Finlandia, Op. 26. This edition is dedicated to the University of North Texas College of Music, James Scott, Dean, on the occasion of the tenth anniversary of the Murchison Performing Arts Center.  The trumpet parts, originally in E-flat, have been adapted to the modern B-flat instrument by transposition at the fifth. The current edition includes parts for Clarinet in A, true to the score, but additional parts for the B-flat instrument are also published herein.  Either may be used, but not both.  The ad libitum Clarinet and Trombone passages, although not found in Sibelius' autograph score, are here provided to enhance balances and to provide more complete voice leading options.  Additonal parts (and full score) are provided for Saxophones, Bass Clarinet, and Euphonium to allow for performances by full Symphonic Band.






  3. Flute 1 + 2

  4. Oboe 1 + 2

  5. A Clarinet 1 + 2

  6. Bassoon 1 + 2

  7. B-flat Trumpet 1 + 2

  8. Horn in F 1, 2, 3, 4

  9. Trombone 1, 2, 3

  10. Tuba

  11. Timpani

  12. Crash Cymbals



  15. B-flat Clarinet 1

  16. B-flat Clarinet 2

  17. B-flat Bass Clarinet

  18. E-flat Alto Saxophone 1

  19. E-flat Alto Saxophone 2

  20. B-flat Tenor Saxophone

  21. E-flat Baritone Saxophone

  22. Euphonium B. C.

  23. Euphonium T. C.



B-flat Clarinet 1 = A Clarinet 1

B-flat Clarinet 2 = A Clarinet 2

B-flat Bass Clarinet = Tuba

E-flat Alto Saxophone 1 = Horn 1

E-flat Alto Saxophone 2 = Horn 2

B-flat Tenor Saxophone = Horn 3

E-flat Baritone Saxophone = Tuba

Euphonium = Tuba 8va