Shadows of Eternity was Thomas Stone’s first publication, and was released in 1990 by Daehn Publications.  Based on Henry Vaughan’s 17th Century poem titled, “The Retreat,” the work was first performed by the Faculty Wind Ensemble at the Saskatchewan School for the Arts during July of 1989, Dr. Peter Demos conducting.  Shadows of Eternity opens with a vocal texture, scored for female members of the ensemble and gradually progresses toward statements by the full ensemble.  A fast, energetic section pitting duple against triple meters ensues before the return of a more reflective mood at the end.  Shadows of Eternity contains a rich harmonic language, replete with seventh, ninth, and thirteenth chords scored to provide maximum depth of sonority.  Triple meter patterns used both as textural background and melodically are derived from cross-rhythms of African origin.  The work develops the coloristic palette of the entire band, including full use of percussion timbres.  By special arrangement with Daehn Publications, a new edition of Shadows of Eternity, revised in 2007, is now available from Maestro & Fox.  Listen to Thomas Stone’s new edition by toggling the link below.



Grade 4