by Timothy Broege

Commissioned by Madison High School in New Jersey, The Tango Disappearing  was composed during the winter of 2005 and was premiered there the following spring.   The music is dedicated to the Maroon Band of Madison High School and its band director, Mr. Robert Seibert.  The commission was also supported by the Madison Music Association, Ms. Beth Fissel, President.


    This one movement work begins and ends with a tango that is touched with melancholy.  In the middle, an anachronistic march "invades" the melancholy mood and attempts to banish all traces of the tango.   And yet the tango and its mood of regret return.  No longer capable of much energy, however, the sad dance gradually fades away.


    This piece was written as a companion movement to the composer's Prelude & Fughetta  (also available from Maestro & Fox).  The two movements may be performed together since they share some musical elements.